Data Analytics

Collect Data

  • Collecting and migrating data.
  • Manipulating, formatting and editing data.
  • Database design and structures.

Understand data

  • Data analysis.
  • Mathematics, statistics and algorithms.
  • Pattern recognition and predictive analytics.

Utilize data

  • Data-driven management.
  • Data visualization and building KPI metrics.
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Software Development


  • Django, Spring Boot, Node


  • UI/UX Design.
  • Javascript: Vue, React, Angular


Mika Honkasalo

Co-founder & CTO

Santtu Laivuori

Co-founder & CEO

Jere Vatka

Software Developer

Arto Lehisto

Data Analyst

Aleksi Pesonen

Data Analyst

Topi Särkiniemi

Front End Developer

Jesse Kauppi

Software Developer

Eljas Jalo

Front End Developer

Pekka Vuorenlehto

Data Analyst

Tuomas Patrikainen

Data Analyst

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